Monday, March 30, 2009

Everyday Pleasures #2 - Packing Your Lunch

I started a new job last week. Another temporary "gig" but I like it. I'm scoring standardized tests from across the country for an educational publisher. Right now I'm grading 7th grade essay tests which I'll have to bring up again because it's been very interesting. I've also met some interesting people; a lot of overly-educated people (some with MBA's and PhD's) trying to fill in some employment gaps while looking for permanent work.

Anyway. Because my start time is a hard 8:00 and because the commute is across town, I have needed to streamline my "waking up and getting ready" process. In the past this has not been the smoothest of routines. Now, I find myself reveling in the perfect timing of a quarter pot of coffee brewed in time with a half sink-load of dishes. The thermos takes about 3/5's of the coffee and I pour the rest into a mug to take into the shower. I make a killer PB&J with 7 grain bread and fresh srawberry preserves. I went out and bought one of those soft lunch bag things - one that looks like an old-timey pail, but is fabric (and cute.) I pack fruit that is not brown. I rotate between two oreos or twenty-two (1 serving) of chocolate Teddy Grahams for dessert. I throw in a Women's One a Day Vitamin for good measure.


  1. If I took a cup of coffee into the shower, I don't think I would ever come out.

  2. Great way to save a nice chunk of money, isn't it?