Friday, January 30, 2009

40 Jobs, 39 Years...

So I just got home from my last day at my most recent "gig." For the past couple of years I've been finding project management assignments from the good folks at Portfolio Staffing (if I was savvy enough, I'd know how to direct link to them, but I'm not, so you can find them at )

In theory, I am a good temp. I get to know people quickly and in the right balance (friendly and helpful but not going to reveal embarrassing personal information in line to get coffee), I'm typcially a quick learner, and because I ultimately have professional goals outside of the corporate realm, I don't have any particular agenda.

However, leaving so many places does wear me rather thin sometimes.

But one thing I've found, in my jaunts in and out of so many places, is that I never tire of work enviroments - the things people hang in their cubicles, the collective personalities that define an entire department not matter where you go (accounting, design, facilities, etc). Some day I will compile them into some kind of project.

I particularly enjoy any place that has an old fashioned pop corn machine and someone whose job it is to make the popcorn and send a mass email when it's fresh...

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