Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tom Petty Was Right...

...About waiting, that is (but probably other stuff too, but that's for another post...)

I had a job interview last week. On Friday actually. It was significant because the job was the first "full time/permanent" position I've been in consideration of (without a built-in end date going in) in...well, I know, but I'm almost too embarrassed to say....

But it was a big deal. And it went great. I walked in and felt comfortable. Now, I can usually go into any place and "find my way" in it, no matter how short the time I'll inhabit it. But this was different. Perhaps it was eagerness at the opportunity mixed with more than just a hint of desperation in this unshaky job market. But I'd like to think it was more than that. The job is a marketing/project manager hybrid at a financial insurance company. And still, the place was filled with art and interesting people (not to suggest financial/insurance people can't be interesting... Still, the stereotypes typically exist for a reason.) But, as I always seem to say, I can't resist people who "aren't what they seem."

So I got there, spent about five minutes mesmerized by the intricate painting in the reception area, and was lead through a maze of old, converted apartments and into a small conference room. It was me at the head of the conference table with eight other people. I'm glad I didn't know that going in, I think I would have acted differently. Instead, people just kept coming in and shaking my hand and handing me business cards.

No matter how many interviews I go on, I still seemed to get tripped up on opening interview questions. And I usually know how they're going to start: "So, tell us about yourself..." I think it's because there is something too big and broad and un-nerving about this question. Think about it. The person asking has your resume right in front of them. They've allegedly read it, or you wouldn't be here. My inclination is to say, "what would you like to know?" But that would come off pretty snarky. Or clueless. But with this place, I just kinda started. I said, "perhaps I could just go over the history of my experience, touching on relevant things along the way." I've never said that before. I've never been so pro-active before. I didn't talk in circles and, although I could feel my face getting red, I could somehow feel I wasn't breaking out in hives, but instead just changed skin tones (which I confirmed in the car mirror on the way home...)

I do know they won't be making a decision soon, which also works in my favor as I am slated to go to Barcelona in July. Regardless of how it works out, it felt good to feel that, for perhaps the first time, that my career path of varied experience might work to my favor.

I'd still like to know sooner than later...


  1. I would’ve gone with snarky. Mom always told me, “Go with your strengths, son.

  2. Seeing as I interviewed for the same position, I can not offer you the positive outcomes that many of your readers might. I'll just nod, knowing the best person will get the job.

    (This was for the position of "Massager" at the Asian Spa/Rub and Tug out by the airport, right?)